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How To Quickly and Easily Become a Competent Trader/Investor-Without SpendingThousands of Dollars
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Friday, Feb 10, 2014
From: Aldo Lagrutta
Re: The “Trading” revolution. How you can invest just 4 weeks or less, and become an EXPERT at trading Futures.

Dear Friend,

People spend more than 3 years and thousands of dollars before they can actually learn how to trade profitably

Did you know that the majority of new traders lose their accounts in the first 30 days of trading?

Are you stuck because you have already paid thousands of dollars in courses, books and indicators and you still don’t know how to make this work?

I Totally Understand…

It’s not your fault, you’ve probably heard millions of opinions and got some free advice (usually worth about what you pay for it) and you are more confused than ever…

That’s OK. This is what I do, so help is on the way.

The Best System For Learning How to Trade
Futures In The World


You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on trading, spend HOURS trying to learn from industry insiders and pay thousands of dollars to experts so they could mentor you, before you actually start trading live and DO earn profits like I have.


Take this simple 4 week course that condenses down everything I’ve learned about trading after years of study, experience and many thousands of dollars invested.

No fluff and NO B.S. Just the raw information and systems you need to trade profitably and effectively.

Here’s Just a LITTLE of what you’ll discover…

Take a Sneak Peak!

I Can’t Take Credit For The System

I consulted EVERYBODY that I knew who was a success at trading, read everything available on the subject, I was mentored by the most brilliant traders in the industry and then added my own personal experiences to develop The Meditative Trader.

When I first created this program 4 years ago I sold it for $1,500.00. Back then it was only an intensive week-end with me. But now, I have improved it, updated it and extended it to make The Meditative Trader the best and most comprehensive trading course in the industry.

Don’t let the fact that the program is only 4 weeks long fool you. Over 7,064 hours of research went into this project to have it be as effective as it is.

It is truly, the best of the best there is, and the system is simple and FAST to learn so you can implement this information immediately and successfully.

Why Pioneers Get Scalped

There is an old saying in business “Pioneers get scalped but settlers prosper” Think about it, how many thousands of dollars would you have to spend to finally come to develop a trading system that actually works?

You probably have already spent several thousands and are totally disappointed with what you have learnt. I can understand you well… I lost count of how much I spent myself in courses, trading rooms, trading alerts, etc… before cracking the code.

Can you imagine how much faster and easier it is when you follow a proven system of dozens of “Pioneers” before you that made thousands of costly mistakes before being successful at trading. Not to mention the many hours involved and the frustration of failing over and over again?


  • + A few weeks from today trading like a professional
  • + Understanding exactly when to buy and when to sell currencies, indexes and commodities
  • + Being able to earn thousands of dollars with only a few hours of work a day
  • + Showing your friends your new status
  • + Having the freedom to work from home any time of the day you chose to

Here is the Real Proof

Very shortly after starting The Meditative Trader it was clearly evident to me that I was in for something very interesting, easy to understand and implement immediately.
I can never look or use a chart the same way again.
Without any hype or exaggeration my trading and life has shifted!
Aldo is a fantastic and wise teacher in the broad spectrum.
I feel like I learned more then just trading from TMT.

Sebastian K.

Best Reasonable fee I ever paid to learn something so important, taught so diligently by a professional. Best part is what he teaches is not part of any software you have to buy before you can use it. It is basic indicators which are there with every trading platform and way he explains, can be used on any market .Videos are for life to watch again and again .
Home work assignments and prompt email support was excellent.
Must for newbies and even who already trade .
Great work Aldo & Kristin.

Mo – Canada

I have to be cognizant that my enthusiasm doesn’t sound contrived.  But I’ve been around the proverbial Trading Block for 6-7 years.  I’ve made money with Forex, Stocks, and now Futures.  I’ve used Metatrader & Ninja Trader, and various trading systems & methodologies.

But looking for improvement was not easy — One is bombarded and inundated with offers to the many Secrets of how to make a million trading any market.

My best decision was to choose The Meditative Trader trading course.  Aldo’s & Kristin’s integrity and dedication, their total support and encouragement have altogether taken my trading to another plateau.  TMT has given me the competence to see the probabilities, and the confidence to add more contracts for greater success and financial independence.

TMT is worth many, many times more than its enrollment cost, without a doubt.


Why It’s Just $197

I’m only charging $197 for this program instead of giving it away, for 3 reasons:

  1. $197 puts The Meditative Trader within reach of the vast majority of people. It’s not too expensive for even the humblest beginning trader.
  2. Anyone who’s not serious enough about learning how to trade in 2014 to invest $197 into this unique program isn’t going to take the time to use the methods laid out in the program anyway.
  3. Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of a cheap dinner and buy this program has the opportunity to start a new career in trading with the smallest investment ever.

If you’re thinking, “$197 is so cheap! What’s the catch?”, then you really need to take The Meditative Trader course! It will be the best investment you have ever made.
So if you’re serious about starting a new career as a trader in 2014, and if you would like to start learning right now, click the “Buy Now” button below. If you need to justify the expense, skip going to McDonald’s for dinner a couple of time this month and it’s paid for.

I’ll Only Sell 50 Seats
at This Price

Time is Very Much “Of the Essence”… I can’t stress the time-sensitiveness of this offer enough.

Why only 50 seats? Is that a trick?

No, it is not a trick!

Simply because in this course as opposed to most courses out there, you get to ask me questions every single day for an entire month if you want to. The attention that we give you is truly personal. I don’t have employees to answer to your emails and questions. We take you by the hand to make sure you understand every single concept and become a Professional Trader.
Not only will The Meditative Trader Program go quickly (at which point the $1,303 discount will expire) and trust me, you don’t want to miss it…

Click on the “Add To Cart” button below to join now to get instant access to The Meditative Trader for just $197…

YES! Give Me Instant Access

Charter Member Pricing: Current Price:
First 500 Members… $197
*Limited Time Only
500-1000 $497
(Personal email consultation
NOT included)
1000 and Over… $1500.00
(Personal email consultation
NOT included)

Price Today: $1,500; $497.00; $297.00

Today Only $197

Join NOW
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WARNING: You Will Make Mistakes

A man who represents himself in court has a FOOL for a lawyer and we all know that people who don’t read the instructions SCREW things up.

Get help before you try to learn how to trade on your own or you could screw up big time and when a full plan is only $197 Bucks, you’d be pretty dumb not to grab it.

Either give up on your idea, or get this program, otherwise you are sure to make GIANT mistakes, in areas you haven’t even thought of yet. You may be jeopardizing your entire savings. Remember its your money on the line.

This $197 course is the only thing standing between you and success in a new trading career.

P.S. Remember, There is more real knowledge and trading strategies in the Meditative Program than you’ll get taking a dozen courses for 20 times the price. The trading systems you will learn inside have worked for other people just like you. It’s a no brainer.

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More Testimonials

Aldo, I would like to thank you for your great work. I learned more in this week about technical analysis than I learned in 2 years of attending several seminars and trading on my own.

I really mean it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for your capacity of pointing out the essential of technical analysis the way you did. I really feel much more confidence when looking to price charts.

Bruno P.

I started out slow and just listened every day to the call. On my second week I started sim trading and did that for about a month. Every day it became clearer and clearer until I knew it was time to start doing it for real. I know there are no guarantees in life, but following your conservative trading calls every day I know I’ll always make money.

Can somebody get this guy an insurance policy? We can’t afford to lose him.

Sammy M.

I got my money’s worth out of the Program.

Vernon M.

Thanks for everything. Not only have I learned a LOT, but I’m retiring at 31…anyone that doesn’t join is missing out on LIFE!


Great Video! Aldo you are a master motivator! I just want to say Thank You for my new lifestyle… Since July 27 until today Aug 3 I have gained just under $9000 (only 8 days of trading). Awesome…

Just want to say Thanks Again for opening my eyes to this new way of life!
I think its one of the best kept secrets on how to produce income! I was self employed in new homes construction until everything fell apart… I Thank God and you, that I found this… I only need about $6000 a month to live on… $9000 in 8 days of trading is just awesome!! Thanks Again!

Jerry P.

Aldo, thanks for what you have put together here in The Meditative Trader. I’ve learned exactly how I can make money every day which has eluded me in the past… I took your advice and have specialized in a single scalp trade and I’ve never been happier. Before this I was all over the place trying to make something work and nothing did.


Aldo, I wanted to thank you again for the great Meditative Trader! I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the program with Aldo. I learned more during this program than I have in the last 6 months taking multiple “training” seminars from others.

Aldo is very patient and is very good at listening and explaining his methods. He also is very clear about wanting to help others succeed at trading. I have a new found excitement about trading and the future looks good. Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn from the best.

James B.

I just love it, I’ve been looking for something like this my whole life. You are great, you call it when it’s good and call it when it’s bad. Result……we all make money every day.

Thanks for a great program.

Chris L.

Wowsa, what an amazing system!!! Simply awesome Thanks so much!

Jim R.

Wanted to let you know that today (Monday, Oct 3, 2011) was my first day trading real money and I made $75 (12 ticks) on the 6B. I did just what Aldo spoke about in the Program. I took my ticks and got out of the market. I must admit that I could have more ticks on that particular trade, but I was scared of losing money so I exited the trade. Thanks Aldo!


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