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Hello Kristin,
Hope you are well.
Just thought to drop you a quick email expressing my thanks to you and Aldo.
I am doing brilliantly with your methodology/indicators.
I am averaging in excess of 1000 ticks per month taking just 20-30 trades on daily & 240 min charts.
Thank a lot.


“I wanted to give you a quick update on using evo. I have been trading for over 10 years now and am always looking for great indicators. Well with Evo I have found the holy grail. Evo is the best indicators I have ever found. At $299 a month it’s a steal. You can offer $1000 a month and it would be so worth it. ”

Jeff A.

I began working with Aldo when I signed up for his Elliot Wave coaching. Soon after, he started EVO, which I immediately joined. What a wonderful experience it has been for me. Before Aldo, I had studied trading in school environments, webinars, workshops, etc. EVO is superior to anything I have experienced. Aldo presents you with how-to-trade basics, walks you through the psychological aspects of trading and gives you indicators that work. The daily chatroom gives you a place to not only learn, but to interact with like minded traders. He is there daily to support you. You really know he cares about you as a person and a trader. Aldo is an excellent teacher.
The real proof is in successful trading. During this last week I had one 6A trade that yielded 139 ticks, another 6A with 220 ticks and a 6B trade for 247 ticks. Now that is what I call successful trading. This was accomplished with Aldo leading us through Elliot Wave counts to indicate direction and the projected amount of each trade. The 6B hit within 6 ticks, the 6A is still working!
I can recommend EVO and Aldo Lagrutta to novice or experienced traders. He can help them all.


I signed up this weekend (feb 2nd) for the Fortune 500 indicator and I used it today for the first time and WOW!!!! Using it along with my other system I made just crazy money with only taking a few ticks of heat. This is truly an awesome indicator. As I always have said, the indicators Aldo introduce simply just work.

Jeff A

I am a founding member of Evolution Trading Protocols and it is amazing how much time and effort Aldo and Kristin put into this program.
Over the past year they have introduced many important protocols to fit everyone’s needs whether you are a seasoned pro or a novice.
You are never left guessing. Aldo and Kristin have an open chat line every Monday morning for 2 hours. And they will answer every question you have.
The Fortune 500 Indy Club is the newest protocol. You will love this one for sure. I made 104 ticks trading the ES today. Oh, and by the way, my goal for 2014 is to have trading days just like this one.
Aldo is one of the greatest futures traders in the world. His protocols are exactly what you need to make money consistently. Don’t wait any longer! Sign up for eVo today.

Ray R.

I just had to give you a little feedback on the Fortune 500 Indicator and my 3 days of results so far. I’ve been taking the trades using the instruction in Kristin’s video, and usually have been just going for four ticks, keeping it conservative.
Out of 15 trades, I’ve had 13 winners (87%), and a net of 88 ticks. And many of the trades would have produced far more than 4 ticks.
I am very pleased with the results, and look forward to refining my use of F500. It almost seems like cheating!
Thanks for all of your work creating killer tools to help make my trading more profitable, easier, and fun!

Marty S.

Hi, I just acquired the Fortune 500 Indicator a week ago and am quite astonished at the results. Even though I am just a beginner at trading, using both the Fortune 500 indicator and the other limited knowledge I have has provided amazing results. I would highly recommend it

Hal M.

Hi Traders, Over the past year I have been working together very successfully with Evo. The “Fortune 500 Indy Club” gives you access to the greatest and most reliable indicator I have ever seen in my trading career. Depending on your trading style you can use this indicator on different timeframes or even tick or volume charts. The indicator is developed especially for the ES, NQ and YM. As member of the “Fortune 500 Indy Club” you have continuous support from the EVO team to optimise your trading results.
When I started using the Fortune 500 indicator I easily made more than 50 ticks in only 2 days, with 1 contract, by scalping the ES.
And indeed I can say to you traders: This is the easiest and shortest path to trade equities, very successfully!

Marcel K.

In my first week of using FF500 I had more success then any other week EVER I have traded. It is very flexible to the individual. I don’t know what else to say about it other then no matter HOW I have used it thus far it is a “GAME CHANGER”.

Sebastian K.

I have been going through the new Fortune 500 and its awesome. I have followed your videos and this is such a great system. In the short time I have been doing this I have been making very low risk trades and consistent money. Thanks again.


The Meditative Trader course is unlike any online course I have taken, ever. If you want to learn trading from the very beginning, I highly recommend it. Aldo has been SO available, on an everyday basis, it is incredible. The course teaches dozens of tools and strategies and presents an overall approach to understanding the psychology of what is going on in the market so that you can plan and execute trades successfully. From the very beginning, you are given assignments to make trades in simulation mode using replays on a daily basis, so there is no risk. You are then encouraged to send these in every day for Aldo and his team to evaluate. You are then sent back, sometimes immediately, a synopsis of what you did right and where you went wrong and what you may have missed, in a very supportive fashion. I knew nothing about trading before I started, and now I have developed a tremendous set of tools and skills necessary for success in trading. I can't stress enough how fortunate I am to have discovered this amazing course. Thank you Aldo and team.


This is what I felt for TMT: Best Reasonable fee I ever paid to learn something so important ,taught so diligently by a professional .Best part is what he teaches is not part of any software you have to buy before you can use it .It is basic indicators which are there with every trading platform and way he explains ,can be used on any market .Videos are for life to watch again and again. Home work assignments and prompt email support was excellent. Must for newbies and even who already trade. Great work Aldo & Kristin.


I started personal training with Aldo last month. The Meditative Trader is better than anything I had previously used. This program provides all elements necessary for anyone to become a successful winning trader.

The next step up is Personal Training with Aldo. His one on one sessions provide knowledge and insights in areas that I have never seen covered before. He provides hands on personal, in depth, real time instruction in analysis, trading, discipline, psychology, control, etc. that is simply priceless. The immediate discussion and review of trades, theory, trading principles, etc. make this program the best I have ever used.

Thomas F

Very shortly after starting The Meditative Trader it was clearly evident to me that I was in for something very interesting, easy to understand and implement immediately.
I can never look or use a chart the same way again.
Without any hype or exaggeration my trading and life has shifted!
Aldo is a fantastic and wise teacher in the broad spectrum.
I feel like I learned more then just trading from TMT.

Sebastian K

My goal is to make $500 dollars within 2 hours trading from 6:30am until 8:30am pacific time. So far after a week I have won 100% of my trades... I know now that scalping is best for me and the Fortune 500 system has given me 100% confidence with hardly no stress anymore, thank you Aldo!

David J.

I have been just going over this software for hours, and really for the first time feel the utmost confidence in how I will start becoming a successful trader. The fact that I no longer have to look at so many charts for so many different things really helps out a lot.
Joshua S.

One week later: Ended up with 67 ticks. Good day today.

Joshua s.

"I was never confident in which path I should take on the hopes of becoming a successful trader, despite really wanting to, but now that EVO has taken this on such another level, I finally feel the path is near. I mean for fuck sake, it wasn't until two days ago that I realized for 2 years of trying to figure this all out, that I never had a real strategy in trading."

Marty R.

“I made four trades this morning (30+70 + 50 + 70) on the CL and am calling it quits for today. I have bounced off the mat and reentered the fight…Yahoo!”

Jay O.

“I want to say thanks for offering this service. I’ve been going through all the videos and practicing on SIM and Replay when I can. A lot of great information here and I’ve only been with you guys for a few weeks. I’m probably like most your clients, I have a regular job and work like a dog most days. This hinders my ability to watch the market some days but I’m really enjoying the information and your “No Bullshit” approach to trading. Thanks again.”

Cameron R.


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