“Let’s spend four hours together
just you and me!”

- Aldo Lagrutta

I want to give you four hours of my time for a conversation that can transform your trading…

From the desk of Aldo Lagrutta

I don’t normally do anything like this.

But lately, we have received so many requests from traders like you for my time. Not just from F500 members, but also from fans and readers.

Sometimes it’s a specific problem they want to hash out with me… or they want my opinion on their trading strategy… or they want to hear my thoughts on how their money management can translate to more cash in the bank.

Requests like this have been flooding in recently. And I want to respond to them.

So this year, I’m opening up my calendar to give clients like you 4 one hour blocks of my time to speak one-on-one.

Think of it as a mini mentoring program with me.

I want to give you my undivided attention so I can quickly help you get to the root of the problem that may be holding back your trading.

Or help you spark the idea that could make 2014 your best trading year yet using the F500.

To make this more convenient for you, we can schedule this time to speak on Skype. So there’s no travel involved. No flights to book or hotels to arrange.

Just 4 one hour-long honest conversations, where you and I can speak freely about anything you may want to know about your trading and how to adjust it to F500.

Why Now? Why I Am Doing This?

As much as I enjoy my semi-retirement these days, nothing brings me more pleasure than speaking to clients like you one-on-one.

To know that in one conversation, I gave another trader like myself a breakthrough that may redefine their trading from now on.

That I helped another trader recognize their personal limitations or unnecessary steps that may be blocking their success.

In fact, that’s the basis behind the “eVo Building Wealth and Abundance Program” that we will be reopening in a couple of months.

But given the fact that a previous program sold out in a few days, I know there simply isn’t enough space for me to sit down in person with every client who wants my time.

So this is my way of ensuring that I can speak to as many Fortune 500 members like you as possible, and give you the strategy session you need for your trading.

Also, I have one other reason… I know how powerful a mini mentoring program like this can be.

The $100.000 Dollar Strategy Session

A few years back, I hired Henry Marchell – one of the most respected traders in the industry as a private consultant.

I was at a point in my trading where I wanted to make some changes. So I wanted the best in the industry to advise me.

Just one problem: Henry only worked with corporate traders and his going rate was $10,000 for a four-hour consultation. I had never spent that much on information in my life. At the time, I didn’t have $10,000 to blow on any one thing.

So why did I decide to go through with it?

At the time, Henry was running a special promotion that offered an

installment plan for consultations.

This meant you could meet with Henry and start using (and profiting) from his advice… BEFORE you were expected to pay the rest of his fee.

That payment plan clinched it. Suddenly it was a no-brainer. I had to.

Once that decision was made, I met with Henry face-to face and we spent a few hours talking by the swimming pool prior to our first session.

I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did that.

Over a few jumps in the pool, Henry gave me a HUGE breakthrough for my trading that was worth many times more than I eventually paid for that four-hour consultation.

In fact, I would conservatively estimate that I’ve made $100,000 from just the insights Henry shared during the first 60-minutes of that meeting. And that goes without mentioning how much he saved me from losing.

That’s the power one strategy session can have on your trading. That’s exactly what I want to give members like you in these 4 one hour long strategy sessions together.

But I have two pieces of good news for you…

First, I don’t charge as much as Henry.

Second, I’m going to reduce my price 50% for this month of consulting or as I like calling it “Mini Mentoring Program”. I want to give you the option to save 50% and still benefit from the entire month of consulting.

What to Expect: Before, After and During Our Strategy Sessions

I’ve designed these 4 one hour-long strategy sessions to be as simple as possible. Here’s how it works…

As soon as you schedule your consultation, I will send you a quick set of questions to answer about your trading. (Don’t worry. They’re easy questions.)

You answer the questions and send them back to me. Before we get on Skype together, I will spend 15 minutes reviewing your answers.

Then we get on Skype. We spend the next hour together giving you the clarity you need to move forward in your trading.

This is also my chance to give you my undivided attention and answer any questions you may have about your trading. For example…

• What’s the absolute bare minimum you need to start your trading FAST.

• How to leverage what you’re already doing so you can earn more profits with the lowest possible risk.

• My thoughts on how to make your specific trading strategy work.

• What market you should be trading to improve your profits.

• How to break through the obstacles or limitations standing in your way.

• Fast ways to get a Trading Plan in action

• My opinion on any ideas you have for your trading going forward.

Not to worry. I’ll guide you through it so you get the most value from your

4 hours of consultation.

Then AFTER the call, you’ll receive…

• Unlimited access for an entire month to email consultations where you could send me all your trades and receive feedback from me personally to improve even further.

This way, you can start using (and profiting) from all the trading strategies we discuss in our sessions together immediately.

This is a Limited Time Offer

As I mentioned, I generally don’t do 4 one hour long private consultations.

(In the past, private clients have always reserved my time for a full mentoring program with at least 6 months in duration.)

I’m doing something different in response to the overwhelming number of requests we have received for my time recently from all these new members joining the Fortune 500 Indy Club.

So if you’re interested, I urge you to get in touch with Kristin, to reserve one of these spots while they’re still available.

I’ll speak to you soon.

I wish you the very best in your trading with Fortune 500


1 Month eVo Consulting $ 1,000.00
50% off Discount
This Month Only!
- $ 500.00
Total: $ 500.00


Important: Due to the nature of eVo Consulting Services. All Sales Final. Purchase not eligible for refund.

P.S. Again, this is something I’m only doing for a limited time. So if you’re on the fence, I encourage you to get in touch with Kristin for more information, and see if this type of consultation is right for you and your trading business.

I started personal training with Aldo last month. The Meditative Trader is better than anything I had previously used. This program provides all elements necessary for anyone to become a successful winning trader.

The next step up is Personal Training with Aldo. His one on one sessions provide knowledge and insights in areas that I have never seen covered before. He provides hands on personal, in depth, real time instruction in analysis, trading, discipline, psychology, control, etc. that is simply priceless. The immediate discussion and review of trades, theory, trading principles, etc. make this program the best I have ever used.

Thomas F. Butryn, USMC, BE in ME, PE, MBA
August 27, 2013

“In the trading industry, especially trading derivatives, Aldo Lagrutta is the first person I met who really knows what he his talking about and how to trade profitably with futures.
He taught me, one to one, every little detail of how to approach the market in a realistic way. But that was not all. He also taught me the psychological side of trading so that I am able to trade on a consistently profitable basis. In case you have doubts or questions about your progress he is always there for you.
If you want to succeed in this business I would strongly recommended Aldo. He is the best mentor you could imagine!”

Marcel van de Kerkhof
The Netherlands.

I began working with Aldo when I signed up for his private coaching. He is there daily to support you. You really know he cares about you as a person and a trader. Aldo is an excellent teacher.
The real proof is in successful trading. During this last week I had one 6A trade that yielded 139 ticks, another 6A with 220 ticks and a 6B trade for 247 ticks. Now that is what I call successful trading. This was accomplished with Aldo leading us through Elliot Wave counts to indicate direction and the projected amount of each trade.
I can recommend EVO and Aldo Lagrutta to novice or experienced traders. He can help them all.

Jerry West

I have learned more than just trading techniques from Aldo and eVo which help greatly with my trading attitude. It took my awhile to learn that when I miss a trade or start to chase trade that there will be many more ideal trades just like the one I just missed. This is important in my trading. More importantly, I’ve also come to appreciate that there is a zen to trading and the mental side of trading can be just as important in trading as the technical side.

Don Shirey

Ninja Trader Kinetick

The Secret Doctrine of Successful Trading

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